Dogs are among the smartest domesticated animals. There are a lot of jobs that are made specifically for them. Some dogs are actually in the military, some in the hospitals, and some in the field of entertainment.

When can you say that a dog is smart?
There are opposing opinions on this matter. Some argue that a stubborn dog is a smart dog — these that train their owners instead of them getting trained. The majority, on the other hand, consider fast learners, or those that are easily taught, to be the smart ones.

Intelligent dogs are those that are capable of learning more words compared to an average dog. Because of their advanced learning capabilities, they can follow or act on more commands.

These smart dogs are a lot more observant and could quickly pick up subtle cues. They’re also able to identify objects from actions. They’re so advanced that some of them are even capable of determining their toys through their names.

More often than not, dog breeds that are highly energetic and hard-working are considered the most intelligent. Perhaps, they learn fast not only due to their brain power but also because they’re so driven to perform.

How to handle intelligent dogs:
While many breeds are known to be smarter than the others, this alone does not determine a dog’s intelligence. A lot of mix-breeds are sharp, and there are some that don’t live up to their breed’s reputation too.

Dog’s intelligence are developed through their interaction with their owner. Their motivation to learn usually stems from their drive to get the reward or their need to consume their energy.

Engage with your dog more frequently so you could cultivate his intelligence. Spend time with him, go on exercise together, train with him, play games with him, and let him join in fun activities.

Remember, having a smart dog requires more effort than an average dog. Dogs always have to be physically and mentally stimulated, they need to go on more walks, training, and need more attention too. Otherwise, your dog will get bored.

Smart dogs
If you’re planning on getting yourself a dog and you’d like to have a smart one, you might want to consider getting yourself a border collie, which is probably the most intelligent dog breed.

While an average dog has the intelligence of a two-year-old human, border collie’s intelligence is comparable to that of a four-year-old. They’re highly energetic, extremely driven, and would excel in any job or sport that they enjoy.

Australian Shepherd is also one of the smartest dog breeds in the world that you might want to have. This dog breed is naturally brilliant, friendly, and athletic. They’re also very diligent workers and love doing activities that physically and mentally challenge them. Aussies are fast learners and could quickly get bored so they should always be kept busy.

Some other highly intelligent dog breeds that you might want to have are Australian cattle dog, German shepherd, Shetland sheepdog, Papillion, Rottweiler, Jack Russell terrier, poodle, and golden retriever. Regardless of which breed you choose, remember that the key is to cultivate their intelligence by keeping them engaged and stimulated.


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