Back in October 2018, the Southern Cross Animal Rescue of Mississippi and Southern Pines Animal Shelter rescue teams picked up Odin from a pair of breeders. He was chained up and completely neglected together with the other dogs. He was in such a horrendous condition that they knew he needs medical attention and a loving foster family immediately.

Sydney Schelkopf became Odin’s foster mom. The first time Schelkopf laid eyes on him, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He looked way too different from a typical fluffy Alaskan malamute.

Posted by Odin The Rescue Malamute on Thursday, February 7, 2019

Schelkopf said that Odin seemed to have just come from a nightmare. He was very skinny and extremely weak. He lost almost all his hair, had wounds all over his body, and his teeth were either cracked or broken. He also smelled because of his skin infections.

Odin didn’t know what to do when he first arrived at Schelkopf’s home. He looked confused as if he never had that freedom to explore before. It seems as though it was his first time getting inside a house. Schelkopf said that, while Odin was sniffing around, he kept looking back at her as if waiting for the catch.

It broke Schelkopf’s heart that Odin couldn’t even play or act like an average dog. Gradually, Odin began realizing that there’s no catch. He felt the love from his foster mom, which he was very grateful for. Soon enough, it became clear that Schelkopf is not going to be his foster mom anymore, but Odin’s forever mom.

Posted by Odin The Rescue Malamute on Saturday, December 8, 2018

With her love and care, Odin began his beautiful transformation. Not long after, he looked way too different from his old self. He looked exactly like the Alaskan malamute that he’s supposed to be. He gained some weight and lots of cuteness with his fluffy coat too.

Despite his transformation, Odin is still battling some health issues, which the Schelkopf family is actively working on. He is undergoing heartworm treatment and will soon have his teeth corrected through surgery. His mom is hoping that he’ll soon be able to play and enjoy many adventures comfortably.

For now, Odin is enjoying his cuddle time with his mom and play time with his siblings. He loves his new, spoiled life.

Credits: Odin The Rescue Malamute


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