“Your hair is your crowning glory.” That much can be said to your dog. For that reason, you need to keep its hair looking nice and fluffy. If this seems a bit complicated to you, then you can get ideas from the list of tips below.

Tip #1. Clip or keep its hair growing?

Your dog’s hair is among its most important superficial features, but it can say so much about your dog – as well as of you. If you keep it clean and nice, spectators will know how loved and taken cared of your dog is – and how excellent an owner you are. So make sure you do this as regularly as possible.

One thing you need to consider is the dog’s breed. Some dogs, like Saint Bernard breeds, have short hair so they need little attention on that area. Dogs that are known to grow longer hair, like Siberian breeds, tend to need more brushing. The same is true with smaller dog breeds that grow their hair longer.

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Tip #2. Use proper hair grooming tools and supplies

Like you, your dog’s hair and scalp need extra care. They need a proper wash and not just brush. Choose a dog shampoo and conditioner that are natural. Chemicals will just irritate or do more harm than good on your dog’s hair and scalp. Also, pat the hair dry before you start brushing. Doing so will help prevent damaging the follicles and the hair, as well as thwart falling.

You also want a hairbrush that is soft. This will guarantee a gentler touch – an almost massaging effect on your dog’s scalp, thereby promoting healthier growth. Using strong stuff will only ruin your dog’s hair and scalp to the point of unhealthy or damaged skin.

Tip #3. Choose expert recommended hairdressing stuff

Finally, you may use some hairdressing items for your dog as protection or just for sheer fun. Some of the coolest stuff you can get are dog hats, ponytails, and clips. You can play or mix and match with the colors, shapes, and sizes according to your dog’s breed and size. Just try not to overdo this.

As you know, your dog is as active as an athlete. What you want is a nice and not too complicated item for your dog.

Tip #4. Keep anti-parasite products use to the minimum

If you suspect parasite infestation on your dog, you can apply anti-parasite products with very low chemical ingredients. For more information on this, you can ask advice from your vet.

Taking care of your dog implies a few more tasks, like keeping it looking well-tended. As its hair is what takes most of its entirety, make sure that you keep it clean and brushed all the time. Nothing looks better than a bathed, cleaned, and brushed dog fur so keep it that way at all times.


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