In recent years, flu has become widespread throughout the world; these caused outbreaks that have infected a lot of people. But recently scientists may be worried that a very new kind of flu that is mainly coming from dogs may be threatening us.

Recent research discovered that dogs might be the reason for creating a new kind of influenza that can fatally infect people around the world. Researchers have found that flu can transfer from one animal to the other, in this particular case is moved from to dogs and came from pigs, and after that, these pig influenza viruses can go together with the influenza virus that is infecting a dog and ultimately make a new kind of illness.

Experts say that it can be alarming because these cases can occur when flu viruses fuse inside animal hosts and mutate to let them become more natural to spread and infect us humans. Many researchers have said in a statement that the number of cases of flu in dogs has been growing at an alarming rate.

More and more new cases of flu virus combinations in dogs are now being discovered and may eventually pose a great treat if these kinds of examples of flu are transferred to us humans. Although there have not been any recorded cases of humans getting infected with flu coming from dogs, it is still uncertain if this new type of flu would quickly spread and affect parts of the world and the people living in it.

The researchers are still conducting studies which are needed to make sure of the different risks included in this new type of virus. Canine influenza or dog flu is a type of disease that is that is the result of different flu viruses that are infecting dogs. Two types of flu viruses generally exists and are at this time spreading between dogs: the H3N8 influenza virus which had recorded cases in the year 2004 in America, this virus was carried over dogs when it transferred from horses and the recent H3N2 influenza virus that was then discovered in somewhere in Asia in the year of 2007 after it was carried over from to dogs from birds.

But another very recent research tested different varying cases of influenza viruses from dogs in some parts of China. The researchers discovered two different variations of influenza viruses that have been found to transfer from pigs to puppies. The researchers identified three new flu viruses in dogs generated after swine flu viruses fused with dog flu viruses.

These latest results have been gathered from a province in China where a particular number of dogs were sent to vets and were diagnosed with a respiratory illness. It is still not sure if these newly found viruses already exist in the other parts of the planet.

It is still inconclusive if the next epidemic will come from a kind of dog flu, but we should continue to be vigilant and prepare when the outbreak may strike. We should always stay updated with the current medical news and monitor or dog’s health.


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