Magic never ceases to amaze any audience. It gives us that sense of awe as we see impossible things take place right before our very eyes. It transcends language, and no words are needed to have the magic touch any spectator – even our pups.

In the happy doggy community of Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, the dogs that call this place home will get an exceptional treat this holiday season. John Stressel, a magician, will be visiting the shelter to perform some tricks for the pups. They worked with TBS to make the magic happen with the help of director Rob Bliss.

John performed for the pups one by one in of the rooms in the shelter. He would show them a doggie treat on his hands then make it disappear out of thin air right before their very eyes.

The dogs’ reactions varied – some lost their interest when the dog treat was gone, turned around and walked away. The others thought were hilarious! Some tried to search John’s body for the doggie treat in hopes that they would still get to eat it.

One of the dogs acted like a person and seemed to be upset with John. He stepped away from John and barked as if he was reprimanding John for wasting his precious time. Everyone burst out laughing with each of the reactions of the pups. The one that stood out from the pack was Teragon, who seemed to dance out of amazement and John quickly joined him in his little performance.

Their primary objective was to showcase the personalities of these curious canines in hopes that their sweet little antics would touch a potential human parent and perhaps push through with taking the pups home with them. If not, at least John was able to give them this gift by his performance and made the shelter dogs’ Christmas a little bit merrier.

See the dogs’ reactions to John’s magic tricks in the video below:

Magic for Animal Shelter Dogs | TBS

To help get these animal shelter dogs adopted we brought them the magic of the holidays to show off their sweet and lovable personalities. Credit to John Stessel and Rob Bliss for making this video.

Posted by TBS Network on Monday, December 17, 2018

Video credit TBS Network


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