This year, military dogs get the reward for their loyalty in a more memorable way. The latest in the US Post Office confirms that canine contributions make the world a better place even in a military sense.

Way to go for these military dogs who loyally served the US Military. They are the current inspiration for the limited edition stamp collection of the US post office for 2019.

What better way to start your year than to get your hands on these dog lover commemorative items?

Source: CNN via Twitter

Military work is one of the riskiest jobs in the world. Few people realize that in the face of this noble duty, the animal counterparts also regularly risk their canine lives in helping save the world. This commemorative stamp collection aims to remind people of their not-so-small sacrifices for the sake of humanity.

There are 5 collectible pieces in this stamp collection set. It features the following breeds: The Labrador, The Retriever, The German Shepherd, The Dutch Shepherd, and The Belgian Malinois. These five are the popular breeds active in military service.

There are many heroic feats, including catching bad men in action with the combined help of dogs and humans. Numerous live action videos have shown how a dog’s agility helped capture a difficult-to-trap criminal. Some cases are almost impossible to solve if not for the dogs’ heightened sense of smell.

Apart from the dangerous action, they also provide companionship and make life easier for soldiers who have to work away from their loved ones for long periods of time:

Source: Komrade via Youtube

This truly attests to the timeless quality of man and canine in action both at a personal and professional level.

We truly salute you, loyal dogs of the US military, for facing dangers so that we won’t have to live in a scarier world.


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