Having puppies is having a daily bundle of joy and at the same time having an added responsibility. If you’re planning to get yourself a new puppy, here are some of the puppy care tips that would help in raising your new fur baby.

Choose the puppy that matches you.

There are times when you meet a puppy and you instantly feel the connection between you two. However, this isn’t always the case. Most of the time, you go out and find the puppy that you want.

In choosing your new little pooch, choose the one that matches you. Your lifestyle is among the most important factors to consider. Then, you have the breed, size, required exercise, grooming needs, temperament, and possible issues on health to look into.

After deciding what dog breed to look for, next would be knowing where to find your puppy. Do you want to adopt from a shelter? Do you want to get one from a breeder?  It’ll take some effort to find one.

Prepare your home.

Puppy-proof your home to keep both your belongings and your dog safe. Check your home’s puppy-eye-view. Keep your electrical cords, toxic materials, as well as breakable items out of your puppy’s reach. Place it in a place that’s high enough for him not to grasp even if he jumps or climbs.

If you have items that your little fur ball would potentially chew or scratch, put them inside the cabinet. Remember that puppies can be so curious and determined so make sure that your lower drawers or cabinets use chew-proof locks.

Set-up durable pet gates if necessary. This would help keep your little pooch away from certain areas in your home like the kitchen and stairs.

Give your puppy a name.

Because your puppy will be part of your family, give him name too. You’ll constantly be calling him by name his whole life so choose the right name for your little pup.

Choose one that’s not so long and rings just right. Make sure that it’s simple and easy to say so your little pooch would not have a hard time understanding it. Also, don’t give him a name that sounds so much like the words that you’re going to teach him.

Usually, people choose name that describes their puppy’s appearance or personality. Others prefer to give them unique name. Whichever you decide, make sure to use it often so your puppy will learn that it’s his name and respond accordingly.

Get puppy supplies.

Puppies have needs too so make sure to get him his essentials. Some of the most important things to have are leash, collar with ID, bowls for food and water, and, of course, chew toys. Get him a comfy bed and crate too.

As your dog grows, many of these items will have to be replaced. The collar can be adjusted but this will have to be replaced as it wears. Chew toys easily get worn out and crate will need to match his larger size too.

Choose the right food for your dog.

Proper diet is essential for your puppy’s health and welfare. Therefore, do your research and know which food suits your dog best. There’s a number of dog food choices these days. There are premium foods, natural foods, homemade, and even raw diet for you to choose from.

Whichever you prefer, make sure to choose the one that has quality ingredients, proper nutrients, and appropriate for your dog’s growth. Consult your vet or fellow dog owners if needed.

Aside from the above mentioned necessities, prepare for your budget for added expenses too like veterinary consultations, vaccines, and other unexpected costs. Other than these expenses, you will also need to housetrain your little pooch and provide him some basic training. Most importantly, you will need to bond with him and let him socialize with other dogs too.


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