Like all living creatures on this planet, dogs can never escape the trail of experiencing unfortunate times. Dogs age just like a human does. They experience deterioration of his body performance, becoming weaker and weaker by the day. Even if the mind says that he can still push through, oftentimes, it is the body that loses the necessary strength and energy to move forward. That is the same as the case of Charlie. He is a Shirt Tzu mix that eventually lost hope of finding a family and a home that he can comfortably rest on.

He was adopted before but was eventually returned by his former family because of one thing, he couldn’t climb stairs anymore. His prior owner renders himself incapable of bending down and picking up Charlie so after a few months, the dog was back into the same kennel that signifies loneliness for him.

When Mackenzie Purdy first saw Charlie, the reserved dog had given up hope by refusing to make eye contact with any person that would try to look at him. He just kept his back turned, facing the concrete walls of his solitary kennel at Associated Humane Tinton Falls, a local shelter in the state of New Jersey.

Purdy had the intention of adopting another dog as an addition to her growing family. But, with Charlie’s age and condition, she feared that other interested families that are willing to adopt will overlook a soft and vulnerable character.

“He was a bit older and he walked a little funny, so I had a feeling that not many people would be interested in him,” Purdy said in an interview. “So many people won’t be interested in the dogs that don’t come to the front of the cage at the shelter.”

Purdy was not intimated and did not lose help with her interactions with Charlie. She eventually asked the shelter staff if she can be given permission to walk with him in the yard. According to Purdy, Charlie was not interested in spending time with her. Nor did show even a hint of affection. But what made her decide to continue on pursuing Charlie was seeing the fact that every time Purdy walked up to the dog, a little tail wagging was seen and that was enough for Purdy to see.

Purdy took a chance on Charlie by bringing her Dog, Bacter to meet him. Upon seeing Bacter, Charlie went into a frenzy and the little tail wagging before is now a full-blown wag out of happiness. With eagerness, Purdy was told by the shelter staff that she could bring Charlie home the next day.

After bringing him to his new loving home, Purdy brought Charlie to the veterinarian. In the examination, it was discovered that Charlie suffered an injury to a disc in his back. With this condition, it rendered Charlie incapable of walking up and down the stairs as he can topple over.

Purdy is very respectful of Charlie’s pace. Something that Charlie is now very comfortable and happy with his new family’s care as he can be seen snuggling with them whenever he gets the chance.


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