Some dog trainers would tailor a training approach to the personality of a dog. This is done to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the training. Also, with the dog’s personality in mind, the trainer or the owner who trains the dog by himself can consider the learning pace of the dog to avoid expectations and disappointment. If you are about to get a dog that you’re excited to teach and train awesome tricks too, here are some of the dog’s breeds that are naturally stubborn and training would be a concern with.

Siberian Husky

Highly known for its majestic appearance and dominant aura, this falls into the category of stubborn dog breeds to train with because of their temper tantrums and they are strong-willed. The problem is, they are easily bored so mental challenges and stimulation and physical exercises are highly required. The alpha training approach is usually applied when training them they need an owner that is firm and exudes the aura of leadership and confidence to lead them inside the house.


They may look like your typical snuggling sausage but they are incredibly stubborn as well. Instead of listening to your command, they’ll instead choose to run around and hunt small critters lurking around the house. They are good for families but as a dog breed that is intentionally bred for hunting, training them will take long and dedication.

Boston Terrier

This dog breed can be seen in various comics and tv shows because of their lively character. Yes, it is a fun dog to have around but training is a bit of an issue with them. These dogs don’t like being commanded or told to how to behave. They’d rather sit around watching butterflies in your garden than listen to your commands. Patience is the key when training them.


You might have seen several Chihuahuas on television that made you assume that they are easy to train. But, these toy dogs are fierce. They’d rather choose to be cute and lay on your lap than work for something even though it entails a reward. Aside from being a stubborn dog breed, they are also known to be lazy. In addition, they display aggressiveness from time to time.

Scottish Terrier

Don’t let the good looks fool you. Since they are very beautiful, they know what their worth is. This air of proudness is what makes them stubborn and a handful to deal with. They are very active and vocals whenever they are confronted with something they don’t want. If not properly trained at a young age, they’d pretty much do whatever they please at the moment.

Shiba Inu

These dog breeds are known to love one owner only, all throughout his lifetime. Amidst his great loyalty, this dog breed is known to be independent as well. Which in turn, makes training and learning hard to the owner. They like to have things in their own way. Usually, owning a Shiba Inu is preferred to owners that have Shiba Inus in the past.


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