As the name suggests, the Australian terrier was developed in Australia. They were bred for the purpose to hunt and exterminate pests, such as rodents and snakes. They are also known to be great watchdogs and a human companion. Today, the breed still maintains the same characteristics. He can still be a delightful companion, and vigorous earthdog competitor and an obedience showman.

The terrier is also called “Aussie” for short. But don’t be confused with the Australian Shepherd since both shares the same moniker. The Australian Terrier can be recognized as having upright ears and a rough, shaggy coat. They are also very small. In fact the smallest among the typical working terriers.

But don’t be fooled by its size. They are highly intelligent, very hardworking, tenacious and independent. Because of its personality, they can easily entertain their humans with their antics. They are very upbeat and active making them a great companion to people of all ages.

The breed is very intelligent and can be easily trained. Positive reinforcements during training are indeed a very powerful tool in helping him learn new commands and doggy manners. Also, make the session fun and mentally stimulating.

The Aussie’s are by origin a working dog. Their prey drive is very high, that they are prone to chase and kill small animals including squirrels, rabbit, rodents, and cats. That is why it is very necessary that they are leashed trained. Furthermore, a securely fenced yard is something that they need to have. If you have introduced a pet cat to them when they are still a puppy, he will consider them as a family, but all other felines outside your household is another story.

By nature, an Australian Terrier loves to dig. So if you are one of those people who love to keep your lawn beautiful, then the Aussie is not the breed for you. He weighs only 14 pounds and stands about 10 inches tall, but he is indeed a confident breed.


  • The Aussie’s personal hobbies may include barking, digging and chasing any small animals – not all may find this amusing. But remember he is a Terrier, it’s in his blood.
  • He is a small dog but can be really dominating. He may not be well-suited in a family with other male dogs as he wants to be the leader.
  • To make the terrier a good dog for your family and other pet animals, he must undergo early socialization and training.
  • If you are looking for a formal dog breed, the Terrier is not the one for you.


The Australian Terrier is a tough and courageous dog, which he likely got from his ancestors. It is believed that the breed is a descendant from a dog known as the Rough-Coated terrier. Some breed experts also believed that the breed is a crossed between British Terriers and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, the Skype, the Yorkshire and the Black and Tan Terrier.

The first native breed to the recognized and shown in Australia, he was called the Australian Rough-Coated Terrier, and after its recognition was is now named the Australian Terrier.


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