Adopting pups is a great decision that will lead to tremendous amounts of joy and happiness. That amazing bond of pet and owner can be rewarding. But that strong bond with your puppy can’t automatically become strong like steel.

There needs to be a strong foundation built, to get to that point of a strong bond. When you get your puppy, they won’t automatically be the obedient, charming, loving dog that you envisioned. They might be confused and scared to be in a brand new place and situation so you will need to slowly build the trust and relationship that can lead you to make your puppy love you.

The first thing you need to do is to build a reliable form of communication with them, to let you know what they are currently feeling and for the puppy to realize what you are trying to make them do, that will make one of the first steps in building trust. You can do that by starting your puppy’s training with different signals using your hand and body. This form of non-verbal communication will be handy in helping your dog new tricks and follow various basic commands.

The following are basic hand signs and commands that will be good to communicate clearly to your beloved dog.

One of the most fundamental but straightforward commands you need to teach your puppy, you request your pup to sit idly at a place on your signal. You can communicate this to your dog with simple hand signs. First you must be sure that your puppy’s attention is with you, then you can try and put some food in to the mix, bring your arms folded and let them see that you are holding some food and then slowly place it near his face, as the food passes their nose you should say “sit”.

If he stays idly, then you can feed him the reward. Try this many times and slowly remove the treat and retain the hand signal until they can follow a command without rewarding them.

Is another easy command that can be taught to your pup. First, you need to is get your pup’s attention to you, then while having a treat in hand, raise your arm and place it right above your dog’s head. During this, you must discipline your dog to not be hastily in trying to get the food.

Then slowly bring the food down, and when the treat passes the dog’s face say “down.” Reward him when he follows a command and then gradually after many repetitions remove the treat from the procedure.

One of the more useful commands. Begin with your arms extended on the sides, the slowly when the puppy is already paying attention to you, bring your arms forward and sweep it until you reach your other shoulder. When the treat you are holding passes your dog’s face, you should say the command “come.”

As usual, give your dog some form of reward every time you execute a particular command correctly.


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