There is a fatal virus infecting puppies right now, and it can be fatal. It’s called the parvovirus.
Parvo Virus is a minor virus that was discovered around 40 years ago. This virus spreads from through puppies via their poop and other solid excretions.

Pups of a very young age have very high chances of getting infected by this virus. These changes significantly decrease when a puppy becomes much older, and their immune system develops stronger and better.

Many signs show your dog has parvo, early detection of these signs are crucial in the increasing the quality of treatment of a puppy from this dangerous virus. One of the common symptoms of parvo is diarrhea with blood or the loss of bowel movement that contains traces of blood. When you see your puppy randomly vomit some form of blood in their food, that could also be a sign that your dog has parvo.

If your puppy looks dehydrated and always very thirsty, it might also be because of parvo. A puppy with parvo can be seen as sluggish and can also lose a lot of its former appetite. When your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms, you should immediately consult your vet and have the blood he vomited or excreted tested.

But fear not, there are ways of preventing parvo from infecting your beloved puppy. There are readily available vaccines to treat this dog virus. A puppy should be given this vaccine as soon as you get them to avoid the unwanted results of parvo infection.

It is not able to know that relatively bigger dog breeds have higher chances of getting infected of parvovirus than those breeds that are smaller. But this will make sure that your puppy will no longer be affected so the expense is going to be worth it, besides treating your dog that is infected with parvo will cost much more money to manage and will let you and your dog go through very stressful and painful experiences.

A typical parvo treatment costs around eight hundred dollars to a maximum of 3 thousand dollars and the chances of treating your dog are also not absolute. So it is better to make sure that your puppy gets that parvo vaccine shot as soon as possible.

You should automatically contact your local vet to see when your dog can get that much-needed parvo shot to prevent any unwanted infection. You shouldn’t only let your dog have parvo shots; you should also give your dog get all the vaccines, this will significantly reduce the risk of your dog getting infected by other deadly dog diseases.

Fully vaccinated puppies will tend to live longer lives than those puppies that have not been treated. That longer life will be spent with you, happy life with his owner.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so have your dog get vaccinated as soon as possible, this will not only have you spend less with treating your dog with the diseases, this will also have your dog live a rather good life.


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