Adopting new puppies can be one of the most exciting and fun parts of being a pet owner. It’s almost like having a new family member. But there should be a lot of things to consider when you’re thinking of adopting a newly born puppy, and your pup’s safety and well-being is at most importance. These puppies are still very tiny creatures that will need a lot of help and care during this start of their growing stage.

Puppies are one of those animals whose eyes are still shut closed when they are still newly born, and this leaves them very vulnerable during this period because they are almost helpless. They don’t have their eyes open when they are born unlike us humans because puppies are still not fully developed when they leave their mother’s womb.

During the next few weeks are very crucial for the puppy because they still need to grow and develop some parts of their bodies, like their eyes. This doesn’t only apply to your dog’s sense of sight, but also their hearing and smell are also still starting to develop during this period.

Puppies usually need about two weeks before they can open their eyelids, but that will still depend on what type of breed your puppy is. During these two weeks, your beloved pup will need as much care and help from you and their mother for them to successfully develop their senses.

You should be there to provide enough food and water for your dogs. You should also not stress them especially the mother that is giving milk for the puppies.

Unlike human babies whose eyes, ears and noses are more developed when they are born, puppies are still trying to improve their senses, and so they will be sensitive to light and another stimulus. Having a puppy’s eyes closed when they are born is a way for the pup’s body to continue growing their eyes without being comprised of outside factors like dirt, bacterial infections, and other irritation.

The closed eyelids are an excellent way to protect the delicate nerve endings found in the eyes of newborn puppies. Always keep in mind that your puppy’s eyes will automatically open on their own. Never try to forcibly open their eyes because this may cause some irreparable damage to their precious eyes, some irritants to enter the eyes and will result in infections. If their eyes do not open at the end of 2 weeks, do not panic. Your puppy might be a breed that requires more time to develop as a puppy.

Having a puppy might be really fun but they are still living creatures that need a lot of care and affection, as they are still growing into the dogs that they should be, we should be cautious in caring for them as they will be by our side for almost the rest of their lives as man’s best friend.


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